nyelvtanfolyam, nyelvtanulás

  1. car - car/automobile- truck/lorry- driver licence- green card- registration paper- number/license plate- driver- co driver- to drive- to start a motor- to start up the motor- ignition key (to put in)- seatbelt/safety belt- headlight- hood/engine bonnet- tyre- spare tyre- wheel- brake- parking brake/handbrake- to brake- overtake- speed (regulately)/regulation speed- traffic offence- to draw up/to stop- freeway/highway- main-road- side road- toll- rasting palce 2. transport/vehicle - bus- tram- train- plane- railway station- airport- conductor- fare dodger- ride/journey/trip- to take/to last- departure (to depart)- arrival (to arrive)- time table- ticket- passenger- stowaway- to get in/on- to get off- to change for- stop/station/stage- platform/rail- gates- comparment 3. traffic sign/traffic offence - to give way- one way street- stopping restiction- traffic light- to run down/over- to crash into- accident- rescue service- hit-and-run- radar (speed) trap- to witdraw the driver licence- drunkenness behind the wheel- to drive witout the safety belt- to pay punishment- traffic cop 4. to give information - to get lost- to take the wrong way- to ask for- to turn into- straight on/ahead (to keep)- along the road- to pass by- on the corner/round the corner- crossing- zebra crossing- sidewalk/pavement- to cross the street- walker- biker Készítette:Turai Tímea