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STANAG 6001 1 SZINT Services and branches (the main services and the branches of the candidate's military the candidate's branch of service, its weapons and equipment) Military units (the units of the candidate's service, the unit the candidate serves in, its strength, composition and tasks) Military ranks (the ranks of the candidate's service, the candidate's rank and promotions) Military career (the candidate's career, promotions and professional development) Military uniform (the uniforms in the candidate's military and insignia) Military training (the candidate's military training, military training opportunities) Basic political-military issues (NATO, PFP, UN troops, peacekeeping, joint training exercises, military reforms) STANAG 6001 2 SZINT NATO (political goals and basic tasks, strategic concept, NATO enlargement) Peacekeeping (the world's hot spots, participation in peacekeeping/peace support operations, international cooperation) Military reform (reorganization, reduction and modernization of the military force, professional military, military cooperation) Present armed conflicts (wars, conflicts in Europe and other parts of the world, causes of conflicts, conflict prevention) STANAG 6001 3 SZINT International relations (PFP, NATO, international institutions, joint operations, military exercises) Defence policy (strategic concepts, national military strategy, military doctrines) Defence planning (defence spending, military budget, force planning, force goals) Non-military security challenges (terrorism, other non-traditional threats) Armed conflicts (hot spots, low-intensity conflicts, conflict prevention) Peace support (peacekeeping, peace enforcement, post-conflict reconstruction) Security issues (balance of power, nuclear deterrence, arms control, collective security, regional security issues) Infrastructure (weapon systems, military equipment, military research and development) Military transformation (force restructuring, modernization issues) International military law (Geneva Conventions, war crimes, legality of the use of force) Environmental security (wartime impacts, weapons testing and disposal, other environmental concerns) Military and society (terms and conditions of service, civil-military relations) Forrás:ZMNE nyelvvizsgaközpontSzerkesztette:Turai Tímea