nyelvtanfolyam, nyelvtanulás

  1. Housetypes- house- flat- terrace house- detached house- tenement- uptown- block of flats- multistory building- flat-sharing community- freehold flat- building estate- residental area- mansions- villa- trailer- dormitory- hall of/student residence- boarding school- sublet- farmhouse- residence- cave- lodge- renovates 2. Location - in the capitol- in the country- in a large/hick town- in a city- in a village- in the centre- in the middle of the town- in the green belt- on the outskirts- in a tight built-up area- in the old town 3. Heating - central heating- gas heating- floor heating- oil heating- filament heating- radiator- fireplace- smokestack/chimney 4. Rooms - hall- kitchen- pantry- dining room- living room- bedroom- spare bedroom- childrenroom- workroom- bathroom- toilet- cellar- loft- garage- balcony- terrace- garden- court Szerkesztette:Turai Tímea