Free time

nyelvtanfolyam, nyelvtanulás

  1. Hobby - to watch TV- to read a book/ a newspaper- to read poems- to solve crossword puzzle- to go to a museum- to visit an exhibition- to listen to a radio play- to go to a concert- to go to the zoo- to go to the cinema- to look at a film- to go to the theatre- to go to the discotheque- to arrange a party- to listen to music- to play an instrument- to play in a music band- to dance- to paint- fun park- Internet coffee bar- to play computer- to search in internet- to chat- to write an e-mail- to write a letter- to meet friends- to play parlour games- to collect stamps- to collect picture postcards- to make a walking tour- to go for a trip- to learn languages 2. Sports - to do sports- sportman- sport equipment- coliseum- sports field- team- competion/cup- perseverance- club- member- achievement sport- championship- olympic games- to win gold/silver/bronze medal- to contest- popular sport- to jog- to ride- injury- doping- doctor/physician- coach- to exercise- ball games- basketball- football- volleyball- handball- water polo- track and field- running- flat race- relay race- hurdling- high jump- long jump- hop step and jump- pole-vault- javelin throw- discus throw- hammer throw- shot putting- swimming- freestyle- butterfly stroke- breaststroke- backstroke- wintersports- skating - skijumping- skiing- ice-hockey- gymnastics- free exercise- apparatus gymnastics- ingots- high bar- flying rings- vaulting horse- asymmetric bars- weightlifting- boxing- wrestling- fencing- riding- pentathlon   Szerkeszti:Turai Tímea