nyelvtanfolyam, nyelvtanulás

I. Appearances 1. Hair- fuzz- thin- fair hair/blond- brown- black- white- red- curly- straight- short- long- bald- coloured- blowzy  2. Face- tallow- freckled- wrinkled- round- oval- narrow- broad 3. Eyes- deep-set- blue- green- brown- black- grey 4. Nose- short- long- little- big- broad- snube nose 5. mouth- big- little- narrow- full 6. chin- double chin- to have beard 7. Hals- long- short- thick- broad 8. Stomach/belly- flat- beer belly- to have a 6-pack  9. Legs- knock knees- bow legged 10. Size- high- short/little- fat- stocky/stout- plump- full figured- thin- skinny  II. Inner features 1. Positive- bravely- decent- good humoured- faithfully/honest- patient- rational- clever- self-employed- considerate- friendly- diligent- polite- glib- purposeful- optimistic- thorogh- good natured- brave- sociable- bountiful- helpful- careful- conscientious- balanced- pretentious- canny- preventing- discret- trusty  2. Negative- naughty- indecent- ill humoured- dishonest- impatient- irrational- thumb- inconsiderate- lazy- rude- putter- pessimistic- diverts- wicked/bad- gutless- conceited- silly- envious- self-centered- avidly- selfish- perfunctory- bloated- unpretending- contentious- moody- mercenary- malevolent- sanctimonial- resentful- irascible- crabby- gassy- giddy- vicious- narrow- wacky- arrogant- unfaithfull 3. Neutral- ambitious- persistent- cute  Szerkesztette:Turai Tímea