nyelvtanfolyam, nyelvtanulás

  1. Family - to be one of the family- relationship- parents- mother- father- child- daugther- son- brethren- brother- sister- twins- grandparents- grandmother- grandfather- great grandparents- great grandmother- great grandfather- grandchild- granddaughter- grandson- aunt- uncle- cousin- cousine- niece- nephew- parents in law- mother in law- father in law- daughter in law- son in law- sister in law- brother in law- godmother- godfather 2. Marital status   - unmarried- single- bachelor- to fall in love- love- to become engaged- engagement- to marry/get married- registry office- bridge- bridgegroom- wedding- marriage- wife- husband- devorced- to get a divorce (from)- divorce- custody- livelihood- stepmother- stepfather- widowed- grass widow- widow- widower- orphan Szerkeszti:Turai Tímea