nyelvtanfolyam, nyelvtanulás

  • soap- liquid handwash- feminine wash- shower foam- foam bath- to shower- to bathe- to wash- shower cubicle- bathtub- bath salts- sponge- towel- body lotion- comb- brush- scissors- hair spray- styling gel- shampoo- to comb- to shampoo one's hair- get one's hair cut- to colour one's hair- toothbrush- toothpaste- dental floss- mouthwash- to brush one's theet- nail polish- nail polish remover- nail-clippers- handcreme- make-up- make-up remover- toner- lipstick- mascara- eye-liner- lip-liner- face cream- pad- panty liner- tampon- razor blade- electric shaver- to shave- aftershave- to depilate Szerkeszti:Turai Tímea