At home

nyelvtanfolyam, nyelvtanulás

  1. Kitchen- sink- washing-up liquid- (water) tap- stove- oven- extactor- refrigerator/ frige- table- cup board- worktop- dishwasher- microwave- deep fat fryer/chip pan- coffee/ tea maker- toaster- mixer- mangler- scales- tin-opener- corkscrew- immersion heater- coffee mill- pan- saucepan- bowl- cutlery- fork- spoon- knife- plate- cup- glass- can/pot- dipper- funnel- sieve 2. Dining room - dining table- table cloth- chair- napkin 3. Pantry - shelf- preserves- stewed fruit- storeroom for kitchen device 4. Hall - coathook- hat stand 5. Living room - seat-set- rocking chair- couch- coffee table- sofa- armchair- carpet- wall-to-wall carpet- parquet- floor lamp- candlestick/glower- television- video recorder- DVD-player- hi-fi - cassette recorder- CD-player 6. Bedroom - bed- bedside rug- double bed- commode- bedside table/nightstand- bookshelf- pillow- blanket- alarm clock 7. children room - cradle- toybox- dolly- cuddly toy 8. workroom - desk- desk lamp- computer desk- CD rack- computer- printer- scanner- safe 9. Bathroom - bathtub- shower (cubicle)- washbasin- mirror- wall closet- toothbrush- toothpaste- dental floss- soap- liquid soap- sponge- shower foam- foam bath- comb- towel- bathrobe- washing machine- dryer 10. Restroom/toilet - toilet bowl- toilet seat- toilet brush 11. Others - loft- cellar- garage- storeroom- door- window- ceiling- floor- wall 12. Garden - swimming pool- garden gnome- sunshade- hammock 13. Housework - to cock- to bake/to fry- to grill- to poach- to stew- to peel the vegetables- to chop the vegetables- to do the washing up- to dry- to clean up- to sweep the floor- to wipe up- to remove lime- to clean the stove- to deliver the waste- to dust- to vacuum- to clean the windows- to polish the parquet- to clean the carpet- to air- to empty the ashtray- to wash- to hang up the washings- to iron- to scrub the bathtub- to clean the mirror- to dig- to rake- to chop- to week/to do the wedding- to sweep the greenery- to mow the lawn Szerkesztette:Turai Tímea